About Us

Attention, please read our important notice.

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Our Story:
We are a group of data engineers who have a great passion for ASIC crypto mining and crypto investment. started "messing" with Bitcoin mining back in 2010 and received our first ASIC miner in 2014, the legendary KnCMiner Neptune 3TH model. You might be laughing now, but back in the day, that was a ridiculous amount of hash power.
Since then, we have been slowly expanding our operations from a hobby into designing and architecting larger scale mining farms. We have helped many enterprise business partners, family businesses, and friends to build out their first mining farm from scratch. 
The most important piece of the puzzle is always sourcing ASIC miners from overseas, and we have developed strong relationships with all major ASIC manufacturers and Tier One suppliers over the years.
Our Mission: 
We provide professional ASIC mining computers to both retail investors and large-scale institutions at reasonable prices and, of course, with excellent customer service.
Our Location: 
We are located in the beautiful and affluent North Shore suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Check out our newly remodeled office at 3400 Dundee Rd, Northbrook, IL.